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My stab at pc/npc converting

It looks like you could use a villian, so here's my offering from the large variety of colourful characters found in anime.

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First time posting...

Hello to all once and future members. I figured that John the Mod has done enough posting all by his lonesome, so here is a minor contribution of my own to get some diversity here. Since I'm a relative n00b to the world of Iron Kingdoms, it helps a lot to picture all the new people and to remember them if I have a face to put to them. So here is my query: if you could cast anyone in the roles of the most prominent characters in Iron Kingdoms, who would those lucky actors be?


Character Conversion Project

Hey all. Mod here, presenting to you a concept that we at The Five Fingers have been using in our own Iron Kingdoms d20 games for some time now. My wife is a big fan of converting characters from different book, television, and manga series into PC or NPC characters for our campaigns. So just to get things rolling here, I am going to be posting here character sheets for just such characters, fully created for your use in the world of Iron Kingdoms. Have fun! :D

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Meet other local players of the Privateer Press tabletop miniatures game, WarMachine! The venue is in Redwood City, CA and will be held at my place on Sundays and can hold up to ten players at a time. If you are having trouble getting here from the surrounding cities (within a 20 mile radius), there is a good chance that I or another player can help with carpooling. We live right across the street from a Little Caesers and a Key Market, so we often go dutch on drinks and pizza. Food and miniature war gaming? What are you geeks waiting for?! Email me at shatter34@yahoo.com! :D

Special Note: This group is mainly for playing WarMachine, but if we get enough players interested, we would also be willing to host an Iron Kingdoms d20 game every other weekend. (Thus why I am even allowing this to be posted here. :P) Let us know if you are interested!


First Fanfiction - by John

I saw a contest on the Privateer Press Forums last year and spent a couple hours chucking out a fic. I showed it to my wife and she helped me polish it out. Only gripe is that I couldn't fit enough into the story, 2000 word limit, so I had to put it in a drabble form. I think it came out ok.

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Things are just getting started here but we're looking forward to finally having our own dedicated Iron Kingdoms RPG community. Lets all play nice and keep the backstabbing to the shadows.